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Welcome to Concrete Solutions, Inc.

Concrete Solutions, Inc. (CSI) is one of the most dynamic companies in Cebu today. With office located inside CSI Plant in Canduman, Mandaue City, we conduct business not just in Cebu but through out the central and southern Philippines. CSI is engaged in Ready Mixed Concrete manufacturing, Shipping and Lighterage, Aggregates production, Flatworks services, Heavy Equipment rentals and Precast concrete production.

News & Press Release


Founded in November 1999, the evolution of Concrete Solutions, Incorporated (CSI), has made an inscription in the annals of the ready-mixed concrete industry.


CSI Shipping Division is very active in the mining industry especially in Surigao and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao.


CSI is equipped with Hydraulic Static Pile Drivers. This equipment is suitable for urban construction as it operates with less noise and vibration and operates with high efficiency.



For quality assurance, CSI has expanded its business with the integration of Aggregates Division. By having its own aggregates crushing plant, the concrete plants are assured of steady supply of good quality raw materials.